1.      Liberty Science Center


This web site provides useful information about Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ such as a visitor guide, information about purchasing tickets and group rates, different experiences offered (e.g. IMAX films, presentations, exhibits, interactive experiences, etc.), facility rentals, and information about educational programs (e.g. field trips, student programs, insiders club, professional development, etc.).  This information is valuable to teachers and administrators looking for potential field trips, ideas for science lesson plans, and information for professional development and training classes/programs.

2.      Cool Math for Kids


This web site consists of a variety of math games, puzzles, practice activities and lessons, math flash cards, a math dictionary, as well as math for parents, teachers, and continuing teacher education.  This web site is valuable to teachers because it provides fun and engaging activities and tools for motivating students to learn, succeed, and have fun with math.  This web site includes tools for addition, subtraction, times tables, fractions, decimals, and many other aspects of math.

3.      Scholastic


The Scholastic web site is useful for teachers, parents, kids, administrators, and librarians.  This web site provides teachers with information about book clubs, book fairs, product information, and teacher resources (e.g. new teacher resources, printables, and mini-books).  The web site also provides a lot of information about Scholastic products, authors, award-winning books, student activity ideas, and lesson plan ideas.